Ten c. The Forever Collection.

Ten c believes in creating products so perfect and so beautiful that they defy obsolescence.

Ten c owners and designers Paul Harvey and Alessandro Pungetti passionately believe that by applying to clothing the true values of craftsmanship, creating something that is conceived to last a lifetime, we can dramatically reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry. We can start to eliminate waste, the ideal behind ‘Cradle to Cradle’, the bible of real environmentalists.

Ten c grounds its collection in one single cloth, OJJ – Original Japanese Jersey – which Harvey calls ‘The Fabric’. Made in Japan, the nylon/polyester microfibre jersey is cut, sewn and garment-dyed in Italy and used exclusively by Ten c in this way. ‘The Fabric’ will protect you, live with you, mold itself to you and, with time become part of your story. Your Jacket.

The constantly evolving range of OJJ Shells is complimented by a selection of unique, interchangeable Liners. Available in either Down or Shearling, every Liner can be paired with every Shell – and also the Arctic Down series – allowing individual tuning for both taste and temperature.

The name Ten c – as in ‘The Emperors New Clothes’ – is taken from the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale and parable which tells us to look beyond what we are told to see, and value instead what is truly there. The ability too see beyond the fashion media barrage is a further interpretation of the original fable.

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